Sunday, January 16, 2022

Call to Worship

     # 28 Come, Christians, Join to Sing

     # 32 God Welcomes

Offering & Announcements

Birthday/Anniversary Offering

Children’s Story – Laura Nickel

Scripture - John 2:13-25

Sermon “Angry?”

     # 146 Lord Jesus, Come and Overturn

Sharing and prayer

     # 573 Strong, Peaceful Man of Galilee



Assisted listening devices and large print hymnals are available at the audio-visual desk.

The cry room has a speaker so you can continue to listen to the service if you need to step out of the sanctuary.


Theme - Jesus gets angry and shows us a few things about not scapegoating and misplacing our own anger.



Pastor – Dave Nickel

Worship Leader – Wade Thiessen

Music Leader - Rachel Balzer and Julie Schlegel Youngs

Next Children’s Story – Janet

January Greeters - Rick & Wanda Stauffer

January Drivers - Rick & Wanda Stauffer



Wed Jan 19 - FMC Annual Meeting @ 7pm

Sun Jan 30 - First quarterly mission offering: MCUSA and MCC

Thursdays – Foodnet – Contact Dallas Schlegel if you can help out.

1st & 3rd Wednesday – Small Group @ 7:00pm at FMC studying “Tongue-tied, Learning the Lost Art of Talking about Faith” by Sara Wenger Shenk

1st Tuesday - Retiree Small Group @ Noon at FMC - Bring your own lunch


Record for the week of January 9th - 74 in attendance, including 26 on Zoom



Next week we will read John 3:1-21.


At FMC, masks are optional, but encouraged. Please also note:

-If you test positive, or are around someone who does, please follow the CDC Guidelines for quarantine and close-contact:

-If you visit FMC then test positive for COVID shortly thereafter, please contact an Elder. FMC will send out an email to attenders stating: “A member/visitor at FMC on _______ date tested positive for COVID on ______ date.” The Elder will only release your name if you give consent.

-For folks who are more comfortable with the Zoom option.

Please talk to Chad Boshart or Dave Nickel with questions or concerns.  And thanks for your patience as we try to be accommodating and caring:-)


The annual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at 7p. We will meet in person and on the zoom worship link. Dave Nickel will send out the annual meeting packet of information.  It will include: 1) reports from the committees, 2) our proposed 2022 budget, 3) a link to the google poll where folks vote for an elder and 2022 theme verse, and a couple other agenda items.


The Nurture Committee has decided to continue the $100 gifting program.  If you know of someone who could benefit from receiving $100, contact Christian Mukuna, Steve Nitzsche, Becky Waegli, or Ron Friesen. We will discuss and hand you a $100 bill for you to present to that person of need. All youth and adults may apply.


We need drivers and greeters for this year. Contact Ron Friesen and he will find a place for you on the calendar. He will also be placing calls to try and fill these slots soon. Please give some prayerful thought to helping others who may need rides and feel very welcomed at FMC.


On Monday evenings we will show "The Chosen" videos in the sanctuary. Tentatively, we will begin at 6:30 pm on Feb 7. If you have questions, please contact Ron Friesen. It is based on scripture and has an extremely large following.


Please consider donating a month of your time to teach Sunday school for the wonderful group of lower and upper elementary kids in Feb, Mar, April, or May. To volunteer or get more information about teaching, please contact Sara Weber.


We have a sharing fund to assist our members as well as those more loosely connected w/ us who are struggling with financial hardship. Please speak with someone on the Nurture Commission: Steve, Becky, Christian, and/or Ron.


CONFERENCE PRAYER REQUEST - We give thanks for all the relationships in our congregations and in our conference that sustain us, guide us, and help us to see the Kingdom of God!