More and more

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Due to Social Distancing, this week’s service will be held online on Zoom




Call to worship/prayer


     “Lord whose love in humble service”  #369



Hearing the word

Children’s Story – Julie Youngs

Scripture - 1 Thess. 4:1-12

Message  “More and more”


Responding to the word

Sharing and prayer

Time of Offering

Sending Hymn

     “Healer of our every ill”  #377  verses 1,3,4

Theme Verse – Isaiah 40:31

Dismissal to Sunday school


Verse for 2020

But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31  NRSV

Mais ceux qui se confient en l’Éternel renouvellent leur force. Ils prennent le vol comme les aigles; Ils courent, et ne se lassent point, Ils marchent, et ne se fatiguent point.         Ésaïe 40:31     LS1910



Pastor  - Dave Nickel

Worship Leader - Sheri Nitzsche

Music Leader - Jeanette Harder

Next Children’s Story - Wanda Stauffer



Thursday - Virtual Shop Hours

6/22 - Habitat Roof


Sunday School

Library - Adult Class – Uniform Series

Room # 1 - Adult Class – The Bible Unwrapped

Room # 6 - Adult Class – Uniform Series – Take 2

Nursery - Pre-K – Grade 1

Room # 8 - Grades 2-5

High School Room - Grades 6-12


Record for June 14

82 - Attendance via Zoom



While Paul affirms the Thessalonians for living a life pleasing to God and loving one another, he challenges them to do so more and more.



Sunday the Zoom meeting will be "open" from 9:15a-12:30p on Zoom. Please rejoin your regular Sunday school classes. Worship will begin at 10:30a.  Next Sunday we will read 1 Thess. 5.


Sunday school materials and other materials for yourself/family are available electronically at for kids or here for anyone.


Continue to be prayerful in thinking about virtual and physical worship. Leadership board and the elders met and are thinking that July 12 will probably be the first Sunday with a hybrid worship service.  They developed guidelines for these meetings and more details will be forthcoming. 


Habitat has asked us to roof the faithbuild house.  We hope to begin roofing Monday, possibly in the morning and late afternoon (we will be flexible with the rain in the forecast). We have a group of 8 or less. Even though it's outside, we will all wear masks and have several more guidelines as we roof while observing social distance. We will not be as efficient, so please be patient.  Please let me know your availability.


Please continue to be extra intentional in connecting in order to fight social isolation: social distance is not equal to social isolation. Let's love our neighbors around the area and world. Please be safe and get together, maybe with 10 or so folks from your small group or Sunday school class, outside with some distance between yourselves. My bike and lawn chair offer remains on the table.


Leadership board approved $1k to be sent to a project (with Africa Inter Mennonite Mission) for food supplies for previously displaced people now also suffering from COVID restrictions in Kikwit in DR Congo.  If you want to add to the amount, please send checks to Brett with "sharing fund" in the memo line.


We have made some distributions, but still have a healthy sharing fund.  We want to assist our members as well as those more loosely connected who are struggling with financial hardship. Please speak with someone on nurture commission or leadership board. We will work to maintain the confidentiality of requests.


The treasurer is collecting offering during this time away from regular in person worship services.  Any questions should be directed to Brett.


The shop will continue to be warm for shop hours Thursdays from 3-6. We are meeting virtually on Zoom Stop by to chat if you'd like.


CONFERENCE PRAYER REQUEST -    Pray for the shared work of Central Plains Mennonite Conference, that we would continue to be empowered and encouraged by our relationships with one another to do the work of God in our local communities and around the world, bringing God's shalom to each of our cities (and towns).