What matters

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Due to Social Distancing, this week’s service will be held online on Zoom



Welcome and opening words


     “Bless’d be the tie that binds”



Hearing the word

Children’s Story – Laura Nickel

Scripture - Mark 12:28-34

Sermon  “What matters”


Responding to the word

Song of response/offering - Beethoven’s string quartet

Sharing and prayer

Theme Verse – Isaiah 40:31

Dismissal to Sunday school


Verse for 2020

But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.                Isaiah 40:31  NRSV

Mais ceux qui se confient en l’Éternel renouvellent leur force. Ils prennent le vol comme les aigles; Ils courent, et ne se lassent point, Ils marchent, et ne se fatiguent point.  Ésaïe 40:31     LS1910



Pastor - Dave Nickel

Worship Leader – Anita Breckbill

Music Leader - Thad & Jennifer Miller

Next Children’s Story - Wanda Stauffer



Thursday - Virtual Shop Hours

June 15-17 - Vacation Bible School 6-8pm


Sunday School

Library - Adult Class – Uniform Series

Room # 1 - Adult Class – The Bible Unwrapped

Room # 6 - Adult Class – Uniform Series – Take 2

Nursery                - Pre-K – Grade 1

Room # 8 -Grades 2-5

High School Room -Grades 6-12


Record for March 22

85 - Virtual Attendance



Jesus reminds us of what’s important.


Sunday worship will begin at 10:30a on Zoom. Contact a church member for the Zoom meeting number.  After the "formal" service, Sunday school to follow. We plan to try this schedule a bit, then reevaluate the schedule... we'll try to be flexible.  We will read Mark 12:28-34 in worship.

Next Sunday we will read from Mark 11 and virtually celebrate Palm Sunday (you may need to bring in a branch to wave near your device:-).


Sunday school materials and other materials for yourself/family are available electronically at www.ShineCurriculum.com/ShineAtHome for kids of here for adults... or talk with Kathy H with questions. Free resources are uploaded Wednesdays at 2p (Eastern, I think).
From the trustees: Bison Electric installed the outlets at the church last week. They installed an outlet in the fellowship hall to the lower-right of the coffee pots. They installed an outlet above the tiles for the projector, and an outlet in the fellowship hall to the right of the custodial closet. They also installed HDMI and VGA cables from the fellowship hall projector to an outlet to the right of the custodial closet. They also installed spot lights for the playground.
The treasurer will still be collecting weekly offering during this time away from regular in person worship services.  Feel free to drop off or mail donations to the church at 7300 Holdrege St, Lincoln, NE 68505.  Donations can also be automatically deducted from your bank account on a weekly or monthly basis.  Lastly, you can make donations through our PayPal account using our treasurer email. There is a link for PayPal donations on the church's website under the "Donation" tab.  Keep in mind we do pay a processing fee to PayPal so checks and ACH are preferred.  Any questions should be directed to Brett.
We received good feedback from our virtual All Church Small Group: thank you to those who participated. We are compiling and reflecting on the input. Please be in contact with us (Donna, Dave Nitz, or Jennifer) if you have more ideas for future services, and we appreciate your patience. 
It's important for us to find ways to share our lives together, in order to sustain each other with friendship. Please continue to support one another. It's important to be intentional in showing one another the love of Jesus in these confusing and potentially isolating times.  
In this vein, the elders invite you to be part of a loosely "FMC contact list". We recognize that, when one feels isolated, the instinct is often to self-isolate more, and we want to push back on this response with responses of care. We're trying to figure out how people are most comfortable being contacted, then finding people to contact them in that manner.  We're starting with a call list... if you'd be interested in calling a few folks and/or if you'd welcome someone calling you, please let me or one of the elders (Anita, Sheri, or Rick) know.  
The shop will continue to be warm for shop hours Thursdays from 3-8 (though we usually take a supper break around 6p). Contact Dave for the Zoom meeting number.  Stop by to chat if you'd like. 
For those participating in our Bible study on The Gospel According to Mark, please read Mark 9-12 with the guiding questions: "How does the triumphal entry fit in with this?" We will meet Monday at 6:30. Contact Dave for the Zoom meeting number.