Prophets among us

Sunday, February 16, 2020


Welcome and Opening Words


     “Halle, halle, hallelujah”  STJ #17

     “He came down”  STJ #31


February Birthday and Anniversary Offering – Foster Care Closet


Hearing the word

Children’s Story – Jolene Boshart

Scripture - Ephesians 4:11-16, 31-32


     “There are many gifts”  HWB #304

 (Pre-K and younger children can go to the nursery)

Scripture - Mark 6:1-13

Sermon  “Prophets among us” 


Responding to the word

Hymn of Response:   (remain seated)

     “Let there be light, Lord God”  STJ #67

Sharing and Prayer



     “We are people of God’s peace”  HWB #407


Assisted listening devices and large print hymnals are available at the audio-visual desk.

The cry room has a speaker so you can continue to listen to the service if you need to step out of the sanctuary.


Verse for 2020

But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.     Isaiah 40:31  NRSV

Mais ceux qui se confient en l’Éternel renouvellent leur force. Ils prennent le vol comme les aigles; Ils courent, et ne se lassent point, Ils marchent, et ne se fatiguent point.     Isaiah 40:31  LS1910



Pastor Dave Nickel

Worship Leader - Chad & Kathy Boshart

Music Leader - Jeremy, Julie, and Rachel

Nursery - Glen & Tammy Riedel

Nursery Next Sunday    

Next Children's Story -   Laura Nickel

February’s  Drivers - Dan

February’s Greeters - Jim & Donna

Snack Next Sunday - Dallas & Barb Schlegel



Today - Potluck Lunch

Tues, February 18 - CPMC Webinar

Wed, February 19 - Webinar - Game Winning Retirement Income Plan

Thursday - Shop Hours

Wed, February 26 - Schoolkit Bag Making @ 6:30 pm

Wed, February 26 - Webinar - Farm commodities as a tool for generosity 

Sat, March 21 - Nebraska Mennonite Women’s Retreat

Wed, March 25 - All Church Small Group @ 6:30

Wed, March 4 - Webinar - How to choose the best Medicare plan


Sunday School

Library - Adult Class – Uniform Series

Room # 1 - Adult Class – The Bible Unwrapped

Room # 6 - Adult Class – Uniform Series – Take 2

Nursery - Pre-K – Grade 1

Room # 8 - Grades 2-5

High School Room - Grades 6-12


Record for February 9

81 - Attendance


For Reflection

Prophets are essential to the health of our community… how do we embrace this fact? 



PLEASE STAY today and enjoy lunch with us at our POTLUCK celebration.


WE CELEBRATE with Vanessa, Denis, and Nathan for the arrival of Nael Abele Kolombo.  He was born on Feb 6th at 9lb 1oz, and 21 inches. Mom and baby are doing well.  Welcome Naele, and please keep the family in your prayers.


WE WELCOME Ophrael Bukasa, 8lbs 5oz, who was born on Feb 11th. Mom and baby are doing well.  We celebrate with Patience, Jackson, and Hora Dei and keep the Bukasa family in our prayers as they adjust to life together.


WEBINAR - The first CPMC webinar was engaging, and our second should be more so: it will be in the fellowship hall at 7:30 pm Tuesday 2/18 (and for part 3 on 2/25). Come to hear/talk about race and recovering. You can also view the video of part 1 and/or participate in parts 2 and 3 from home by using the zoom link on


DAVE’S SHOP will be warm for shop hours Thursdays, beginning 1/30 from 3-8pm. Please be thinking of projects you would like to build for yourself or the MCC sale, or just stop by to chat.


BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY OFFERING will be taken for the Foster Care Closet this Sunday.  They are here in Lincoln, and provide help to foster families all across the state.


SCHOOLKIT BAGS - Everyone is invited!  Wed. 2/26 at 6:30 (or whenever you can make it). Bags will be cut and ready for sewing, ironing, cording and counting. Our goal is 150 to send to the Nebraska MCC sale for the children to fill. Hope to see you there. Bring your sewing machine, iron or snacks if that is your talent. Questions? Ask Tammy Riedel


MARK - For those participating in our Bible study on The Gospel According to Mark, please read Mark 5-8 with the guiding question: "How does Jesus respond to the label 'unclean/defiled'?" We will meet again in late Feb.


WEBINAR - Everence Financial is offering one-hour Webinar Wednesdays.  If you are interested in checking out any of the following Webinars, please get with Rick Stauffer for login information.

Game Winning Retirement Income Plan - Feb. 19 @ 2 pm or 8 pm EST

Farm commodities as a tool for generosity - Commodity Giving -

Feb. 26 @ 2 pm or 8 pm EST

How to choose the best Medicare plan - Medicare Supplements vs Medicare Advantage - Mar. 4 @ 2 p.m. or 8 p.m. EST


CONFERENCE PRAYER REQUEST -  Pray for the good and peace-filled work of the Agape Peace Center and the Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute, both in Minnesota.