Sunday, January 26, 2020


Welcome and Opening Words


     “For the beauty of the earth”  # 89

     “Seed, scattered and sown”  # 454



Hearing the word

Children’s Story – Stan Harder


     “The kingdom of God”  # 224

 (Pre-K and younger children can go to the nursery)

Scripture - Mark 4:1-9 & Mark 4:26-34

Sermon  “Mysterious”


Responding to the word

Hymn of Response:

     “Lord of light, your name outshining”  # 410  vs. 1 & 2

Sharing and Prayer



     “May the grace of Christ our Savior”  # 423




Assisted listening devices and large print hymnals are available at the audio-visual desk.

The cry room has a speaker so you can continue to listen to the service if you need to step out of the sanctuary.



Jesus uses parables about seeds and growing to teach confused and discouraged disciples about the kingdom of God.



Pastor - Dave Nickel

Worship Leader - Kevin & Kathy Haake

Music Leader - Jeremy & Julie Youngs

Nursery - The Mukuna Family

Nursery Next Sunday - Steve & Angela Nitzsche

Next Children's Story - Sheri Nitzsche

February’s  Drivers         

February’s Greeters - Jim & Donna

Snack Next Sunday - Friesen



Sun, January 26 - Mark study @ 6:30p

Thurs, January 30 - Shop Hours 3-8pm

Tues, February 11 - CPMC Webinar


Sunday School

Library - Adult Class – Uniform Series

Room # 1 - Adult Class – The Bible Unwrapped

Room # 6 - Adult Class – Uniform Series – Take 2

Nursery - Pre-K – Grade 1

Room # 8 - Grades 2-5

High School Room - Grades 6-12


Record for January 19

85 - Attendance



LIBRARY FUNDS – Did you know you could help fund our church library by just shopping online?  All you have to do is use the link on our website’s library page:


ON BEHALF of Central Plains Outreach & Service Committee, Rhonda invites our small groups (and other interested persons) to a series of webinars on racism hosted by Drick Boyd, Professor of Social Transformation at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. We will meet in the fellowship hall and the three-part series will be held at 7:30 pm on successive Tuesdays (2/11, 2/18, and 2/25). Each session will consist of a 45-minute presentation and some time for discussion and questions.


DAVE’S SHOP will be warm for shop hours Thursdays, beginning 1/30 from 3-8. Please be thinking of projects you would like to build for yourself or the MCC sale, or just stop by to chat.


EMAIL - Each week Dave sends out an email message with announcements.  Please contact him if you'd like to be added to the list.


STUDY - For those interested in more context and discussion on The Gospel According to Mark: this week, please continue to read Mark 1-4 noting themes and words which jump out at you. These themes will help guide discussion at our first gathering scheduled for 6:30p on 1/26 at Dave Nickel’s house. After that discussion, we will shift to chapters 5-8, hoping to meet in late Feb.


LAST DAY TO VOTE - The Quarterly Mission Offering nominees each have a jar in the fellowship hall: if you haven't done so, please participate in the penny vote (five pennies per person) by Sunday 1/26.


LAST DAY TO VOTE - The 2020 theme verse ballot is in a mailbox in the far right column (labelled "theme verse"). Please put your completed ballot back in that same mailbox by Sunday 1/26 if you haven't voted yet.


CONFERENCE PRAYER REQUEST -  Pray for the churches in and near the Twin Cities as they prepare to host Annual Meeting 2020 which will take place June 18-21.