Sunday, January 19, 2020


Welcome and Opening Words


     “Fairest Lord Jesus”  HWB # 117

     “Rain Down”  STJ # 49



Hearing the word

Children’s Story - Marvin Gerritse


     “Teach me thy truth”  HWB # 548

 (Pre-K and younger children can go to the nursery)

Scripture - Mark 2:1-27

Sermon  “Contagious”


Responding to the word

Hymn of Response:

     “Hallelujah! We sing your praises!”  STJ # 88


Sharing and Prayer



     “Great God the giver of all good”  HWB # 458



Assisted listening devices and large print hymnals are available at the audio-visual desk.

The cry room has a speaker so you can continue to listen to the service if you need to step out of the sanctuary.



In a series of controversy stories, Jesus challenges our assumptions about what’s contagious.



Pastor - Dave Nickel

Worship Leader - Kevin & Kathy Haake

Music Leader - Thad & Jennifer Miller

Nursery Spencer - & Jeana Rose

Nursery Next Sunday - The Mukuna Family

Next Children's Story  - Stan Harder

January’s  Drivers - Rick & Wanda Stauffer

January’s Greeters         

Snack Next Sunday - Miller



Today    Communion and Potluck Lunch


Sunday School

Library  - Adult Class – Uniform Series

Room # 1 - Adult Class – The Bible Unwrapped

Room # 6 - Adult Class – Uniform Series – Take 2

Nursery - Pre-K – Grade 1

Room # 8 - Grades 2-5

High School Room - Grades 6-12


Record for January 12

85 - Attendance


POTLUCK TODAY - Everyone is invited for the potluck lunch after the worship service today.  It is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better.


ANNUAL MEETING - Thanks to all who made our annual meeting and soup supper great. The budget was passed:-) There are a few report packets in the far right column of mailboxes if you need one.


ARE YOU INTERESTED in more context on the Gospel according to Mark? A few of us are reading the 16 chapters in four-chapter segments over the course of the next several months. Over the next two weeks, please read Mark 1-4 with the guiding question "How is

Mark introducing us to 'the beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ'?"


SHOP TIME - I am preparing for another winter of shop hours... the shop will be warm weekly :-)  Please talk to me if you have preferences for the day. Please be thinking of projects you would like to build for yourself or the MCC sale.  –Dave Nickel


EMAIL - Each week Dave sends out an email message with announcements.  Please contact him if you'd like to be added to the list.


VOTE - The quarterly mission offering nominees each have a jar in the fellowship hall: if you haven't done so, please participate in the penny vote (5 pennies per person) by Sunday 1/26.


VOTE - The 2020 theme verse ballot is in a mailbox in the far right column (labelled "theme verse"). Please put your completed ballot back in that same mailbox by Sunday 1/26 if you haven't voted yet.


CONFERENCE PRAYER REQUEST - Today is Mennonite World Fellowship Sunday.  On January 21, 1525, the first Anabaptist baptism took place in Zurich, Switzerland. Today we give thanks for our common roots, celebrate our worldwide fellowship, and look to God's guidance for the future.