Sunday, April 23, 2017


Opening Words and Prayer

     Leader:  He is risen!

     Congregation:  He is risen indeed!

Opening Hymn: “Praise, I will praise you, Lord”  HWB # 76

     “I sing the mighty power of God”  HWB # 46


Tithes and Offerings

Hearing the word

Children's Story: Kathy Haake

Hymn: “I love to tell the story”  HWB # 398

(Pre-K and younger children are dismissed to the nursery)

Scripture  Philippians 1:3-6

Sermon:  “Sharing in the gospel”

Responding to the word

Response: “Will you let me be your servant”  HWB # 307


Prayer of thanksgiving

Closing Hymn: “Heart with loving heart united”  HWB # 420



Assisted listening devices and large print hymnals are available at the audio-visual desk.

The cry room has a speaker so you can continue to listen to the service if you need to step out of the sanctuary.



We at FMC Lincoln thank conscientious objectors for serving our churches and communities. We honor you for your Christian witness and service, the ways it has shaped you, and the ways it has shaped us.



Pastor:  Dave Nickel

Worship Leader:  Kathy Boshart

Music Leader:  Jolene Boshart

Nursery:  Glen & Tammy Riedel

Nursery Next Sunday:  Brett & Mary Stauffer

Next Children's Story:  Sheri Nitzsche

April’s Drivers:  Rick & Wanda Stauffer

April’s Greeters:  Steve & Angela Nitzsche

Snack Next Sunday:  Peters / Riedel



Sunday Prayer Time - 9:15 am Room #2

Sunday, April 23 - Conscientious Objector appreciation service with POTLUCK

Wednesday, April 26 - All Church Small Group 6:30pm with POTLUCK

Sunday, April 30 - Children’s Day

Wednesday, May 10 - Bunko Night @ 6:30  Bring finger food

Saturday, May 13 - Neighborhood Garage Sale

Sunday, June 4 - Bowling at Parkway Lanes @ 2pm

Sunday, June 11 - Dave Boshart preaching


Record for April 16

64 - Attendance

$ 1,062 - Offering

$ 30,641 - Year To Date Offering

$ 34,336 - Year To Date Budget

- $ 3,695 - Year To Date Deficit


Sunday School

Library :  Adult Group – Uniform Series

Room # 1:  Adult Group – Sermon Discussion

Room # 6:  Adult Group – The Gospel Next Door

Nursery:  Preschool

Room # 8:  Grades K-2

Room # 7:  Grades 3-8

Room # 4:  Grades 9-12




POTLUCK – Please stay for potluck lunch today.  There is plenty for everyone!


CIRCLE OF GRACE – Beginning this week, FMC will have our Circle of Grace lessons for Preschool - High School classes. Each class will receive 1-4 lessons will be taught over the following Sundays.


ALL CHURCH SMALL GROUP - Join us Wednesday evening, April 26, at 6:30 for an all-church small group hosted by Leadership Board. We will have a potluck meal to begin the evening so please bring something to share if you are able. The focus of our time together will be to hear some of the ideas our committees have been working on and offer feedback. We will end the evening with a few votes around Quarterly Offering recipients, a theme verse, and a proposal to use our reserves to pay down the mortgage. Please join us Wednesday for this time of fellowship and discernment.


LETS GET TOGETHER - Wednesday, May 10 for Bunko Night at 6:30 PM Everyone  please bring finger food.   Sunday, June 4, come for bowling at parkway lanes on 48th and Van Dorn at 2 PM. Also coming this summer is a picnic at Bethany Park-time and date TBD.


CONFERENCE PRAYER REQUEST - Leaders of Anabaptist churches in Congo have asked that we pray for an end to the atrocities that have driven at least 5000 people into hiding in the forest to escape violence. Pray that the church can be a prophetic voice of justice and a calming presence of Christ’s peace in the midst of a devolving situation. One Mennonite denomination has brought at least six ethnic groups together into one church body.


HOUSEHOLD ITEMS – Barb and Dallas are collecting items for someone moving into an apartment for the first time.  They are in need of household items, furniture, and kitchen supplies.  If you have already started your spring cleaning, let Barb and Dallas know that you have some items to donate.


BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS – If you have something that you would like to share in the bulletin, please get it to Kathy Boshart by Friday at noon.