Sunday, April 9, 2017


Opening Hymn “Hosanna, loud hosanna”   HWB # 238

     Matthew 21:1-10

Opening Words and Prayer

Opening Hymn: “Praise the Lord, sing hallelujah”  HWB # 50


Hearing the word

Children's Story: Marvin Gerrtise

Hymn: “Love divine, all love excelling”  HWB # 592

(Pre-K and younger children are dismissed to the nursery)

Scripture:  1 Corinthians 12:31b-13:13

Sermon:  “Confronted with Love”

Responding to the word

Hymn of Response: “Majesty”  screen

Sharing and Prayer

Tithes and Offering 

Closing Hymn: “You shall go out with joy” HWB # 427



Assisted listening devices and large print hymnals are available at the audio-visual desk.

The cry room has a speaker so you can continue to listen to the service if you need to step out of the sanctuary.



Love confronts us in the person Jesus and continues to confront us in seeking to follow him.



Pastor:  Dave Nickel

Worship Leader:    

Music Leader:  Jolene Boshart

Nursery:  Dave & Sheri Nitzsche

Nursery Next Sunday:  Steve & Angela Nitzsche

Next Children's Story:  Donna Yost

April’s Drivers:  Rick & Wanda Stauffer

April’s Greeters:  Steve & Angela Nitzsche

Snack Next Sunday:  Youth Breakfast



Sunday Prayer Time:  9:15 am Room #2

Sunday, April 9:  Choir Practice @ FMC 8:45 am

Wednesday, April 12:  Choir Practice @ Antelope Park Church 7pm

Wednesday, April 12:  ‘Small Group #2’ @ Chad & Kathy Boshart 7pm

Friday, April 14:  Good Friday Service @ Antelope Park 6pm

Sunday, April 16:  Sonrise Service @ FMC at 8am

Sunday, April 16:  Breakfast provided by the Youth Group @ 9am

Sunday, April 16:  No Sunday School

Sunday, April 16:  Easter Service starts at 10:45 am

Sunday, April 23:  Conscientious Objector appreciation service with POTLUCK

Sunday, April 30:  Children’s Day

Wednesday, May 10:  Bunko Night @ 6:30  Bring finger food

Saturday, May 13:  Neighborhood Garage Sale

Sunday, June 4:  Bowling at Parkway Lanes @ 2pm

Sunday, June 11:  Dave Boshart preaching


Record for March 26

74 - Attendance

$ 1,864 - Offering

$ 28,491 - Year To Date Offering

$ 30,044 - Year To Date Budget

$441 - Sharing Fund Balance

$100 - Scholarship Fund

$6,827 - Youth Fund

$453 - Mission Travel Fund

$133 - Birthday Offering Fund

$483 - Children's Sunday School Fund

$211 - Library Fund


Sunday School

Library:  Adult Group – Uniform Series

Room # 1:  Adult Group – Sermon Discussion

Room # 6:  Adult Group – The Gospel Next Door

Nursery:  Preschool

Room # 8:  Grades K-2

Room # 7:  Grades 3-8

Room # 4:  Grades 9-12




EASTER SUNDAY – Please join us for Sonrise Service at 8am at FMC, and for Breakfast served  by the Youth Group at 9am.  There will be no Sunday school.


CONGRATULATIONS – to Jeremy and Julie Youngs on their wedding yesterday, April 8, 2017. 


ELDER MEETING - Thursday, April 20 5:00 pm at FMC.  Anyone who would like to visit with the Elders or has a question are welcome to contact them. Dallas Schlegel, Wade Thiessen, Wanda Stauffer


CIRCLE OF GRACE – Beginning April 23, FMC will have our Circle of Grace lessons for Preschool - High School classes. Each class will receive 1-4 lessons will be taught over the following Sundays.


LETS GET TOGETHER - Wednesday, May 10 for Bunko Night at 6:30 PM Everyone  please bring finger food.   Sunday, June 4, come for bowling at parkway lanes on 48th and Van Dorn at 2 PM. Also coming this summer is a picnic at Bethany Park-time and date TBD.


PRAYER REQUEST - Pray for Templo Alabanza in Moline, IL as they celebrate the installation of Pastor Aureliano Vazquez today and for all other congregations in our conference who are seeking new pastoral leadership.


ROOM TO RENT - Charlene Jansing, a friend of Jim and Carol and Rick and Wanda, is looking for a room to rent. If you have one available or know of someone who might, please let them know.


CHOIR – FMC & Antelope Park Church of the Brethren will sing together for the Good Friday service at 6pm on Friday, April 14, Antelope Park Church (3645 Sumner St). Please attend as many rehearsals as possible, but it is especially important to attend the final rehearsal on April 12. Contact Jon Stanton.