First Mennonite Church is thankful for the generous support of members and friends partnering to accomplish Christ's work.  For convenience, donations may be made through online using the links below.  You do not need a PayPal account to donate using a debit or credit card.  Under "Don't have a PayPal account?" click the "continue" link. 

Contributions may also be made through regular Sunday offerings or by check to the church.  Be sure to designate any of the special purposes listed.

Thank you for your generosity.



General Donations - Tithes and offerings and other undesignated contributions to the church.  For 2014 the offering goal is $122,160 or $2,349 per week.


Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, IndiaMission Offering - Donate to the mission offering. 

The March offering will benefit Union Biblical Seminary in India.  First Mennonite members, David and Anita Breckbill are working in the seminary library which will receive half of the offering. 

The balance will be used to help build more housing for female students so the seminary does not have to turn away so many well qualified women.




Sharing Fund - Give to help meet special needs of individuals and families in the church, in the community, and beyond.  The Sharing Fund offers emergency assistance and helps with special needs and hardships.  It is administered by the Nurture Commission. 


Habitat work in BrazilMission Travel Fund - Help provide financial support to assist members and attendees to engage in mission and service work and to make fraternal visits to mission and service workers. In 2013 the fund supported Sara Brubacher's work with Mennonite Voluntary Service in San Francisco and allowed Christian Mukuna to make a fraternal visit to the Mennonite Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The fund is part of our congregational commitment to mission and service work. It seeks to encourage members to consider both short and long-term mission and service assignments through Mennonite Church related agencies, foster personal connections with mission and service workers, and financially support mission travel of members.


Scholarship Fund - Contributions fund scholarships for First Mennonite students attending Mennonite colleges and universities and other Christian colleges that match church scholarships.  Each scholarship dollar from the church is doubled by the participating school.


Church BuildingBuilding Payment Fund - Give to reduce the balance of the mortgage loan for our building addition and remodeling.  Destignated contributions allow us to pay off our building ahead of schedule and save on interest costs.  Last year these gifts reduced the outstanding balance by about 10%.  Thank you!



Library Fund - Support the church library's purchase of books and other materials and general operating expenses.